Contemporary Circus Arts Festival, Aarau

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From 10th to 20th June 2021, it's cirqu’ time again: 10 days of contemporary circus in all its variations, all over Aarau, just as it used to be. This may sound ambitious at the present time, but we are planning with Corona in mind: already after the first wave, we threw everything planned overboard and looked for new ways to make cirqu’8 happen even during these challenging times.

A special festival is planned, adapted to the circumstances: With performances for only one spectator at a time; productions that last several days and are happening somewhere in the public space, or sensitive, gentle pieces for a small audience – just as we do it became common in the days of Covid-19.

We perform in various places, such as the Schlossplatz, where a 12m high silo-like structure stands in the middle of the square; the Kirchplatz with a luminous flying installation; small tents in the middle of the city; and the spaces and beautiful garden of the Forum Schlossplatz with performative installations and a small bar with lot of space and air. In addition, in May and June, we curate a “circussy” exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Aarau, which will also be our festival centre during the ten days of the festival.

We would like to bring back some normality to the artists and to you and offer Aarau an extraordinary circus festival. To make this possible, we think small-scale and in geographically distributed ways, with lots of fresh air and sunshine, with few crowd magnets and if there are any, then in the smallest of forms.

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