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  • © Tilman Pfäffin
  • © Tilman Pfäffin
  • © Tilman Pfäffin
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FahrAwaY Zirkusspektakel (CH)

  • Saturday
    01. June
  • Sunday
    02. June


Length: 60 Min.
Age: For everybody

A large, round steel and wood construction, suitable for rolling, for climbing or as a starting point for all kinds of artistic interludes stands on stage. But nothing stays the same - everything moves, stops, spins and takes on new forms. Curiosity drives the process forward and the performer’s craftsmanship and acrobatic skills are essential.

Four artists from the circus Fahraway are accompanied by two musicians, musicians who sporadically influence the performance with their guitars and pianos and self-made electronic instruments. This is a light-hearted presentation of an action-packed piece of circus art.

  • Contribution Nina Wey, Donath Weyeneth, Valentin Steinemann, Solvejg Weyeneth, Ezra Weill, Beni Kobi
  • Backstage Milena Lippuner, Julia Clara, Zoé Weyeneth and Juri
  • Artistic direction Basil Erny
  • Outside eye Jonas Althaus
  • Costumes Magdalena Steinemann
  • Graphic design Nina Gautier.