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  • © Pierre Morel
  • © Pierre Morel
  • © Pierre Morel
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Compagnie Defracto (FR)

  • Saturday
    08. June
    Alte Reithalle
  • Sunday
    09. June
    Alte Reithalle

Length: 50 Min.
Age: Ages 7 and up

Motion, flow and movement: Jumping, dancing, and falling, all in a rhythm - a loose, controlled and uncontrollable rhythm. Two jugglers search the stage for the ultimate pattern of movement and get entangled in interplay as if by accident.

A third artist seems to wander in other worlds. He joins the performance only when necessary.

Using a catwalk as a stage and with an engaging nonchalant technical brilliance, DeFracto make it clear to the audience that balls flying through the air can serve as a purpose in life.

DeFracto visted Aarau two years ago with the production «Flaque».

  • Concept André Hidalgo, Guillaume Martinet, Van Kim Tran
  • Juggling André Hidalgo, Guillaume Martinet, Joseph Viatte
  • Music design Sylvain Quément

  • Outside eye and artistic direction Eric Longequel
  • Outside eye for juggling and movement Jay Gilligan
  • Light design Alrik Reynaud

  • Costumes Eve Ragon

  • Sound David Maillard
  • Sales Camille Talva

  • Administration Laure Caillat

  • Producing Mathilde Froger and Jérôme Planche (Association Asin)
  • Technical direction Gregory Adoir
  • Photos and videos Pierre Morel.