La Transumante

150 wooden planks three meters long are assembled into a constantly changing sculpture. They are held only, by gravity and the force between them. There are neither nails nor screws, neither bolts nor glue or even ropes in this construction.

The construction project director is Johann Le Guillerm; a group of ten actors help him create a wooden sculpture out of beams. The colossal structure rises four meters in the air and occupies up to 200 square meters, all the while exhibiting striking balance, a balance determined by the landscape and by the intersection of planks.

The constantly transforming sculpture is simultaneously, delicately fragile and unquestionably stable. It is assembled and dismantled again and again, in a movement that lasts for hours as it crawls through communal areas as if it is alive.

"La Transumante" was created for the "Nuit Blanche 2014" at the Place du Panthéon in Paris.

Conception, Creation & Artistic Direction Johann Le Guillerm Participants: Anaëlle Husein Sharif Khalil, Julie Lesas, Paul-Emile Perreau, Franck Bonnot, Alexandre Lafitte, Lucien Yakoubsohn, Pauline Lamache, Loeiz Le Guillerm Production: Cirque ici | Johann Le Guillerm Contract production für Nuit Blanche Paris 2014 Support Ministère de la Culture (DGCA + DRAC Ile-de-France); Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires Etrangères (Institut Français); Conseil régional d’Ile-de-France; Ville de Paris; l’Institut Français, Ville de Paris Research stay Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, Mairie de Paris (Direction de la Culture et Direction des Espaces Verts et de l’Environnement)

80 Min.
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Portrait Johann Le Guillerm

Frenchman Johann Le Guillerm is one of the most outstanding and at the same time atypical personalities of contemporary circus. He works at the fringes of the genre and proves that those who attempt to limit circus to its devices and disciplines, fall short. Le Guillerm, on the one hand, proceeds with the rigor of a scientist, and on the other, utilizes a skillset worthy of a poetic magician. His artistic universe includes sculptures, constructions, exhibitions, and performances.

This year’s festival presents a four-part showcase of his work: "Terces," a umbrella piece in which Le Guillerm deconstructs the workings of the circus; "Encatation," a production in which he collaborates with 2-star chef Alexandre Gauthier for a feast of the senses; "Transumante," an open air performance lasting several hours; and "La Calasoif," a mechanical sculpture on display at the Stadtmuseum.

In 1994, Le Guillerm created his first solo piece under the name of his company "Cirque ici". From that moment on, he has tirelessly developed a unique approach and innovative methods of exploration and invention. He did this while traveling halfway around the world with his projects. In France, he has been awarded the highest honors: "Grand Prix National du Cirque" (1996), "Grand Prix des Arts du Cirque SACD" (2005) and "Grand Prix SACD" (2017).

Johann Le Guillerm has only been seen once in German-speaking Switzerland, in 1993 at the Theater spectacle in Zurich, with the legendary "Cirque O". By the way, the producer of Cirque O was Ueli Hirzel, who graciously accepted our invitation to appear at cirqu'9 as an artist.

La Transumante Philippe Cibille
La Transumante Philippe Laurencon