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Le projet F

  • © Céline Ribordy
  • © Céline Ribordy
  • © Céline Ribordy
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  • Thursday
    06. June
    Alte Reithalle

Length: 60 Min.
Age: Ages 12 and up
Language: French with German Supertitels

Artists die too. A lion-tamer can be eaten by Lions. An acrobat can break his neck doing a triple summersault. The appendix of «La merveilleuse histoire du cirque» by Hénry Thétard, published in 1947, neatly chronicles where and when and how circus performers died and in which circus the tragic events occurred.

The stories inside compel an actor, a musician and three other artists to think about the risks of their profession, about what happens when things don’t go as they are supposed to. What does one do when serious mistakes happen? When you have already fallen.

The performance is a journey of discovery for the five artists, a quest to find answers.

  • Idea and artistic direction Stefan Hort 

  • Producing Jeanne Quattropani

  • Actor Pierre-Isaïe Duc
  • Artists Julian Vogel, Ana Jordão, Joachim Ciocca
  • Composition and music Thierry Epiney 

  • Light and Technical Management Estelle Becker

  • Scenography Fred Baudouin
  • Costumes Tara Matthey.
  • Subtitles Dora Kapusta
  • Coproduction, Théâtre du Crochetan Monthey, TLH-Sierre, Théâtre Forum Meryin.