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  • © Milan Szypura
  • © Milan Szypura
  • © Milan Szypura
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Andrea Salustri (IT)

  • Friday
    07. June
    Alte Reithalle

Length: 45 Min.
Age: Ages 5 and up
work in progress

Andrea Salustri, a born juggler, works and plays with styrofoam and ventilators. He uncovers, meticulously researches and then experiments with gracious movements and harmonizes with their results. He puts himself in the background and lets objects speak for themselves.

As part of the European “CircusNext” initiative, Andrea Salustri will completely devote himself to his work for two weeks in the rehearsal room of the Theater Tuchlaube in Aarau. He will then perform his production as a «work in progress» during the festival.

  • Concept and performance Andrea Salustri
  • Technical management Michele Piazzi
  • Sound design Federico Coderoni
  • Outside eye Kalle Nio, Darragh McLoughlin, Alex Lempert, Ben Richter, Matthias Buhrow
  • Support CircusNext European Platform coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, Espace Périphérique, La Maison des Jonglages, HZT Berlin, CHAMÄLEON Productions, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Telepart programme of the Finish Institute in Germany.