Sandscapes | Talk with Ueli Hirzel

Ueli Hirzel is a renowned expert on the history of contemporary circus. He was not only a witness to its inception in the 1980s but he has also played a pivotal role in its evolution.

In what promises to be an engaging interview at Bar im Stall, circus scholar Mirjam Hildbrand will delve deep into the heart of the subject, exploring Hirzel's extensive career, activities, and artistic contributions.

As they share their thoughts and reflections, they will both navigate a tightrope between two circus generations and walk a fine line between philosophy and storytelling. Throughout the exchange we can expect a generous helping of playful mischief.

Talk Ueli Hirzel & Mirjam Hildbrand

90 Min.
Free access


  1. SUN 25.06
    Bar im Stall